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Thinking Big; starting small

Learn from actual entrepreneurs and become one within 6 months



About this start up school


Most high school students are unaware that a career in entrepreneurship and startups is a viable option for their future. Entrepreleadership School wants to change that. Our start up school combines the energy and enthusiasm of our in house entrepreneurs and partners with a curriculum adapted for this age group. Programs at  high school level place an extreme focus on gaining an entrepreneurial mindset and skills for students to navigate their career and future.


At Entrepreleadership School, we’re in the business of giving high school students the education and the tools they need to succeed – in college and out in the world. Our business and leadership programs afford you the opportunity to kick-start your future by teaching you about business, from soup to nuts. Learn what a business is and how it works, what it takes to lead a team, make it successful, and see firsthand some lucrative ventures that have paid off. You can build out your resume and develop a “business mind” that will not only help you succeed in college, but beyond the classroom as well.

Unique opportunities offered by Entrepreleadership School

Through the Entrepreleadership course, you will gain a wealth of knowledge. Our sessions are geared toward high school students and specified to fit the learning styles considered most effective for young adults., in our case that’s enquiry based learning processes.

Our hands-on business exploration programs allow students to:

· Build a framework for understanding varying leadership models

· Learn about key strategic issues across different community landscapes

· Develop an understanding for marketing and advertising campaigns through social media, from strategy to execution, and analyzing results 

· Appreciate the challenges involved in traditional and digital Entrepreneurship models … and much more!

With baseline knowledge and experience given in our Entrepreleadership programme, you, as a student, will have an advantage over your peers. Your experience at ELS will make you a more well-rounded, knowledgeable individual with enhanced entrepreneurial and life skills.

Our internship


Entrepreleadership  Internshipsis a 2 week – 12 weeks, comprehensive internship program with locations in Netherlands, Germany, and India  for students completing grades 10, 11, and 12. Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, starting your own NGO or leadership, we help motivated high school students make the most of their weekends and make more informed decisions about their future and career plans.

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What do students get out of our school

The opportunity to start an actual business and create jobs for fellow students


Guided mentorship opportunities to set them on the right track.


Connections to the ELS Alumni Network and partners for support.


• Learn about a career and refine your job


Experience life with fellow entrepreneurs and share ideas and thoughts


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Gain work experience interning with a professional entrepreneur


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

About Us

Dedicated facilitators

Connor Robertson - Entrepreleadership School facilitator

Our program is facilitated by actual entrepreneurs. We help youth and young adults  leverage their talents and tenacity to build a viable startup. We train them in the skills of leadership and innovative thinking that allow founders to create successful businesses, challenging you to take a real startup from idea to execution and impact.

Faith in our students


ELS is a program offered by Entrepreleaders House and works with a variety of industry collaborators, volunteers, and university hosts to provide our innovative education programs. We believe that high school students are capable of making a real and meaningful impact, now. We won’t stop until students everywhere have the tools they need to take initiative in building the lives and world they envision.

Original and in house material

Start Up The Leadership Way book by Erouane Langard Okenkali

This entire program is based on the book Start Up The Leadership Way by start up consultant and co founder of Entrepreleaders House Erouane Langard Okenkali. Using enquiry based techniques, the book is paved with the authors' experience in the art of starting up as well as valuable lessons learnt mainly organized under three main themes: Character, leadership and entrepreneurship 

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